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OMMG has trade secrets to help you achieve an ‘overnight multiple merger’.

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About OMMM

Build a top-20 company ‘overnight’.

The Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM) is a highly effective business structure that can maximise the viability and operation of any business.

Known as the OMMM, the model clearly outlines substantial ability to generate fast market share, mass sales, high profit and major value. The OMMM is the ultimate ‘value-based blueprint’ whilst acting as a detailed roadmap for incremental ongoing business growth. 122 accountancy companies merged ‘overnight’ to form around a top-12 accountancy practice. It is the largest professional services consolidator of its type in the UK and Ireland regions. Accountants are conservative by nature. They understand business value yet the accountants chose the OMMM as their preferential model of growth. Day-by-day, leading business persons are looking to build an ‘overnight multiple merger’ alongside the OMMG.

Developing substantial-sized businesses takes much time, cost, resources and risk! By licensing an ‘overnight multiple merger model’ you could have your own top-20 company in any industry ‘overnight’.

It is the largest professional services consolidator of its type in the UK and Ireland regions. Accountants are conservative by nature.

OMMG has trade secrets to help you achieve an ‘overnight multiple merger’. We will help you merge all the companies without you paying for any of them, yet you will be a major shareholder and founder of your newly formed group. This is one of the smartest ways to build a substantial-sized business. The mergers are all FREE!

In OMMG you will have a proven business partner that will build the business for you or/and alongside you. You choose! We guarantee much of our work meaning you encounter less financial risk yet you maximise your opportunity to achieve a substantial business. If you are inpatient and want your business to be built overnight by leading experts then contact us now.

Examples of interested parties include leading premier league footballers who are considering their careers post playing football. Other parties include proven business executives in UK and Ireland, whilst agents of HNW individuals in the middle east have recently enquired into the model.

"The OMMG raises standards wherever it operates. Care Homes will be more caring, and cost efficient, than ever. Pharmacies are liberated to make a wider contribution to the healthcare sector. Accountants can truly pass on all the expertise of their profession. Each changes the paradigm in which it operates and sets a new, industry-wide, standard."
Mel Atkinson
OMMG Director

There are 54 Business Models listed below.

Here are Feisal’s favourite top 15 business models:


  1. Overnight Multiple Merger Model
    (Examples: Xeinadin, Alitam)
  2. Franchise business model
    (Examples: McDonalds)
  3. Blockchain-based business models
    (Examples: Bitcoin, Ethereum)
  4. Freemium model
    (Examples: Zoom, Dropbox)
  5. Subscription-based business model
    (Examples: Netflix, Amazon Prime)
  6. Peer-to-peer business model
    (Examples: Airbnb, Uber, eBay)
  7. Razor and blade revenue model
    (Examples: Xbox, Nespresso)
  8. Attention merchant business model
    (Examples: Snapchat, Instagram)
  9. Multi-sided platform business model
    (Example: LinkedIn)
  10. Affiliate business model
    (Examples: MoneySavingExpert.com)
  11. Consulting business model
    (Examples: McKinsey, BCG)
  12. User-generated content business model
    (Examples: YouTube, Quora)
  13. Multi-brand business model
    (Examples: Unilever, Nestle)
  14. Family-owned integrated business model
    (Examples: Ford, Prada, Walmart)
  15. Direct sales business model
    (Examples: Herbalife, Avon)

Here are 39 other popular worldwide used business models:


  1. Affiliate business model
  2. Aggregator business model
  3. Agency-based business model
  4. Asymmetric business models
  5. Barbell business model
  6. Bidding multi-brand platform model
  7. Blitzscaler-mode business model
  8. Bundler model
  9. Cash conversion cycle or cash machine model
  10. Discount business model focusing on high quality
  11. Distribution based business model
  12. Direct-to-consumers business model
  13. E-commerce marketplace business model
  14. Educational niche business model
  15. Feeding model
  16. Free-to-play model
  17. Freeterprise model
  18. Gatekeeper model
  19. Humanist enterprise business model
  20. Enterprise business model
  21. Lock-in business model
  22. Instant news business model
  23. Market-maker model
  24. Multi-business model
  25. Multimodal business model
  26. Multi-product (Octopus) business model
  27. On-demand subscription-based business model
  28. One-for-one business model
  29. Open-Source Business Model
  30. Platform-agnostic model
  31. Platform business model
  32. Privacy as an innovative business model
  33. Self-serving model
  34. Space-as-a-service model
  35. Surfer model: reverse-engineering the gatekeeper
  36. Three-sided marketplace model
  37. User-generated AI-amplified model
  38. Unbundler model
  39. Vertically integrated business model
"Without the OMMG, a business can only go so far. With the might of an OMM model behind you, however, your business can go stratospheric."
Peter Pring
OMMG Director

Contact us now…you can now build a top-20 company ‘overnight’.