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Alitam pharmacist makes headline news protecting Sir Keir Starmer with booster jab.





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Meet the Management Team

Feisal Nahaboo


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Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE


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Harry Hojal

Head of UK Pharmacy

Ray McSharry

Head of Ireland Pharmacy

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Zachary Brech


Prakash Patel

Operations Director

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Dhruv Patel OBE

Deputy Chairman

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Anthony Isaacs

Board Consultant & Corporate Finance

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April 27, 2022

How ADHD helped successful entrepreneur Feisal Nahaboo turn a start up into a market leader in 256 working days

Entrepreneur Feisal Nahaboo has just revealed that he is neurodivergent, having recently been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). On reflection, he now sees that his condition is to…
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February 7, 2022

Alitam appoints former Managing Director of Canaccord and HSBC Global Banking

Antony Isaacs, one of the city’s foremost movers and shakers, has today been appointed Consultant to the Alitam board, with a view to joining as an Alitam Non Executive board…
* Alitam Press Release
February 7, 2022

Former MD of Credit Suisse appointed CFO of Alitam

In yet another move which demonstrates the extraordinary levels of confidence in the Alitam ‘Pharmacy of the Future’ concept, senior financier Zachary Brech today joins Alitam as Chief Financial Officer.…
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December 22, 2021

By my side

Sir Ken Olisa - The Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London As you know, I’ve been blessed to work with some of the world’s greatest business folk such as Michael Gerber and…
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December 8, 2021

Driving the dream forward

My appointment as CEO of Alitam, by Feisal Nahaboo I’m honoured to be named CEO of Alitam, the pioneering pharmacy consolidation which I founded back in November 2019 and have…
* Alitam Press ReleaseFounder Posts
December 7, 2021

Alitam pharmacist makes headline news protecting Sir Keir Starmer with booster jab

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Pharmacy Of The Future Concept

  1. Industry disruptor.
  2. Strong shared vision of the Alitam Group’s future amongst all equity directors, pharmacists and staff.
  3. Overnight merger of over 300 pharmacies.
  4. Top 5 created in months…enormous speed!
  5. UK and Ireland-based retail pharmacy group post-brexit.
  6. Aspiration for FTSE100 OR FTSE350 listing.
  7. Powerful executive board allowing markets to have confidence to invest.
  8. Arbitrage strategy on the London Stock Exchange.
  9. Maximising acquisition performance by offering half cash, half group shares and a Lock-in period of at least 3 years.
  10. ‘Best buyers in town’.

It’s more cost effective to begin an OMM. Xeinadin Group and Alitam Group were both initially built with just 3 staff needed. A franchise operation is likely to need a head office earlier on, carrying a significant higher level of cost.

  1. ‘Pharmacy Bootcamp’ process for future model entry.
  2. Maximising pharmacy value through invention, innovation and industry disruption rather than sole focus on maximising product sales.
  3. No loans and no debt on listing.
  4. Significant cost efficiencies and economies of scale.
  5. Centralising administrative costs to help pharmacists focus on services and reduce burden on NHS.
  6. Alitam pharmacists to work more closely with GPs to better service patients whilst reducing GP workload.
  7. Less dependent on NHS/HSE income.
  8. Management of chronic illnesses and pandemics.
  9. Focus on highly profitable aesthetics market.
  10. Uniformity and standardisation on best practices.
  1. Pioneering healthcare.
  2. Lifestyle clinics.
  3. Wellbeing services.
  4. Empowering patients to best monitor their health with focus on prevention rather than cure.
  5. Unprecedented product / prototype launches.
  6. Artificial intelligence ability.
  7. Delivering national data across UK and Ireland.
  8. Internal expertise & specialism knowledge share to enhance patient service.
  9. Online pharmacy shared by up to 500 pharmacies.

Maximising pharmacy value through invention, innovation and industry disruption rather than sole focus on maximising product sales.

  1. Staff retention through planned share offering.
  2. Strong focus on ‘continuity’ through NextGen and university milk rounds.
  3. Ability to franchise model across UK and Ireland.
  4. Ability to franchise model globally.
  5. A business model that’s both economic decline and pandemic proof.
  6. Pharmacies becoming ‘spheres of influence’ in the high street.
  7. Politically strong group to influence government policy.
  8. Strategic founder with ability to out-think competitors.

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