Bracknell-bred businessman Feisal Nahaboo has pioneered an ambitious and highly successful business strategy which is taking the world by storm. In a world first, Feisal headhunted 122 of the UK and Ireland’s most entrepreneurial accountancy firms, and put them all together into one group to form Xeinadin. Overnight, this became one of the most influential and sizeable accountancy brands in UK and Ireland history – being approximately Top 15 in size. Xeinadin was incepted in May 2019 and within just a year the consolidation took place. In fact, all of this was achieved in just 256 working days. It’s a world record. No one has ever put more than 100 independent companies into one group overnight in any industry and within any jurisdiction.

“I’m incredibly proud of Xeinadin,” says Feisal. “It typically takes decades to pull off this kind of thing. But I had a vision of a way to do business better and faster than market leaders and, thanks to the help of a few trusted professional advisers, we made it a reality. People said it was impossible but, like my school teachers at Garth Hill always used to say, there’s no such word.”

Hailed a ‘corporate miracle’ by many business insiders, Feisal’s big idea was to merge over a hundred companies in a secret process. He’s since coined the term, ‘Overnight Multiple Merger Model’ to describe the unique method, which he devised working from his bedroom with ‘not much more than a pen, some paper and my brain’. He and his team of just two others at the start, painstakingly selected entrants to the model, conducted all due diligence and financial and legal tasks, and had a fully-fledged marketing campaign ready to go. All of this took just one year, and then Xeinadin appeared as if ‘out of nowhere overnight’ by publicly announcing the consolidation.

“It’s not just about making money, it’s about driving up standards in a crowded sector,” explains Feisal. “The accountancy world needed a shake up, with a visionary approach which offers a really high quality service to clients.” He smiles mischievously, “Xeinadin has certainly disrupted its industry, as there’s no room for complacency anymore. Larger multiple mergers can offer innovations, huge cost efficiencies and a breadth of specialist support which means tens of thousands of clients are very well looked after. No one can ever repeat the build of Xeinadin. It’s a secret.”

Feisal credits his Bracknell roots for a lot of his success. “I was raised by wonderful parents on the Hanworth estate. It was a humble home, but I was given all the love and encouragement I needed to fulfil my ambitions. I went to school at Birch Hill, Easthampstead and Garth Hill before receiving BA Honours and an MBA at Kingston and Reading university respectively. I regard Bracknell as my home town and feel proud to be a part of it. My schooling played a big part in forming my mindset, I was always encouraged to believe in myself, even though we were very financially challenged at the time. I’m forever indebted to my family and community for that.”

On leaving school, Feisal pursued a highly successful career as a leading UK entrepreneur. He presented ingenious strategic ideas to over 100,000 UK-based business individuals; and helped transform individual accountancy firms so they could better meet the diverse needs of their clients. He’s been one of the biggest visionaries in that sector. “Everything I do is with a future-focus,” explains Feisal. “I’ve helped hundreds of businesses and individuals to exploit the opportunities the future will hold. And Xeinadin really represents the future of accountancy as, for the first time, under one roof, there’s an incredible array of services, experience and talent which few other accountancy firms can offer. It’s burst onto the accountancy scene and has been hailed as ‘the Super Firm’ by the Irish Times.”

Unsurprisingly, Feisal has several other ‘corporate miracles’ in the pipeline – in the pharmacy, care home and veterinary practice sectors, to name but three. The beauty of his ‘Overnight Multiple Merger Model’ is that it can be applied to any industry which is saturated, but lacking in consolidation. “It’s now a fully productised model, ready to be rolled out anywhere that’s suitable,” says Feisal. “The complete process is a secret, but I’m writing a book featuring many of my hard-won learnings. I’m really keen for others to take my lead and do the same. Hopefully someone else from Bracknell or the local areas.”

All of these business interests, and the writing of his book, keeps Feisal incredibly busy (as does his semi-professional golfing habit). However, at heart, he’s a family man and returns to Bracknell often. Feisal’s family focus is also reflected in his company names. Feisal smiles, “I’ve named Xeinadin after my two eldest children, Zein and Nadine. For all the money in the world, the real wealth is in family.”