Creating an
Overnight Merger Concept

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FEISAL chooses a fragmented & low valued industry to disrupt. FEISAL to be known as Founder.


FEISAL designs a world-class strategy and timeline to create additional value for ‘Overnight Merger Model’ entrants.


Barriers to entry are planned and executed to protect an industry disruption.


FEISAL plans to raise a multi-million solvency budget.


Databases are purchased. Planned entrants are profiled. The database is finalised and each target is approached via email/post/phone calls.


Briefing sessions are run regionally. Target entrants are invited to attend a 3-4hr session.


All events are project managed to ensure they are resourced and carefully prepared for FEISAL to deliver a high impact sale from the stage.


World-class presentation is built with full consideration of engaging large audiences into ‘raving Overnight Merger fans’.


Strict follow-up process, including 1-1 meetings in either hotels, or planned entrants’ offices. An agenda is prepared to methodically engage their interest further.


Targeted entrants agree to prepare for consolidation without needing to enter. A safeguarding strategy for entrants is communicated. Cheerleaders are noted for a role to play in the model.


FEISAL develops a unique strategy to create a community, membership and network philosophy amongst all planned entrants. Only this permits the ‘herding process’.


Solvency budget is agreed with planned entrants. They fully agree to fund a multi-million pound budget. The budget is used to deliver full preparation to resource consolidation documentation, tax, accounting/audit legal advice, staff, etc.


Headhunt executive board members. These may be owners of planned entrants or other prominent business persons.


Create a team of third party advisors, including and not limited to legal, accountancy, audit, brokers and corporate financiers.


Herd and inspire all planned entrants on a daily basis. Strong leadership skills required to develop group comfort and entrant implementation.


Deliver high legal and financial due diligence and ensure all planned entrants are ready to sign a bundle of consolidation documents on the same day.

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