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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who is OMMG?

OMMG is a newly formed company. Its main trade is to license out its ‘Overnight Multiple Merger Model’ strategy (OMMM) to planned or current entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals/families or equity directors of successful companies.


What is an OMMM?

OMMM stands for ‘Overnight Multiple Merger Model’. This is a new business strategy that involves merging a significant number of companies into one group at low cost and in record time. Each OMMM is planned to obtain major market share on consolidation. Most OMMM’s will have the aspiration of a future AIM or FTSE London Stock Exchange Listing.


What is the difference between OMMG and OMMM?

OMMG is the licensors company name whilst OMMM is the name of the model owned by OMMG.


Who is the owner of OMMG?

An increasing number of professional shareholders.


How do OMMG make money?

  1. Licensing the OMMM.
  2. Sale of OMMG shares.
  3. Attracting prospective mergers per OMMM.
  4. Sponsorship of each model / OMMG website.
  5. Arranging suppliers for each OMMM.


What is an OMMG licensee?

An OMMG licensee becomes the founding owner of an OMMM. They pay for a license and have the ability to shape the OMMM around their strategic vision and business objectives.


How do you become an OMMG licensee?

You contact OMMG and negotiate to license an OMMM.


What support does an OMMG licensee receive?

OMMG will support each licensee with the following activities:

  1. Company secretarial – full set-up of group of companies.
  2. Design and actual creation of a 5-year business plan.
  3. Developing a 10-year financial plan.
  4. Developing a valuation strategy and process for your OMM.
  5. Creation of a 10-year what-if analysis so you can best plan the business years in advance.
  6. Developing a mission, vision and set of corporate values.
  7. Creation of OMM mandate.
  8. Creation of a solvency strategy & developing a 12-month solvency plan to fund the OMM.
  9. Full development of a risk management strategy prior to approaching investors.
  10. Approaching prospective investors in our large network to invest £2-2.5m into your OMM.
  11. Creation and development of a 12-24 month sales & marketing plan.
  12. Creation of a branding strategy including provision of logo, taglines, etc.
  13. Development of marketing materials, publications, press releases, etc.
  14. Full website & content development.
  15. Identifying strong candidates for an executive board.
  16. Headhunting and recruiting executive board members.
  17. Helping you to appoint accountant, auditor & legal firm.
  18. Securing your trademark and all relevant web/email domains.
  19. Ensuring you have sufficient PI and D&O insurances.
  20. Identifying prospective companies for your planned merger.
  21. Running a full marketing & recruitment programme to engage companies into your OMM.
  22. Helping you to select your head office location & recruitment of all head office staff including interviewing and appointment process.
  23. Support in legal & financial due diligence of all planned mergers.
  24. Referring you to specialists in tax advice on the structure of the OMM.
  25. Developing a salary model for each equity director planning to enter the OMM.
  26. Agreeing projected valuations with each planned merger entrant.
  27. Full strategy to execute the merger enabling lawyers to bespoke a consolidation & merger agreement.
  28. Seeking any regulatory clearances.
  29. Organising lawful transfer of IP from OMMG.
  30. Actual development of the consolidation/merger agreement.
  31. Organising the overnight signing process by each merger entrant.
  32. Build of local and nation press releases to announce launch of OMM.
  33. Creation and delivery of an integration & uniformity plan with all mergers.
  34. Creating a strategy and implementation programme for IPO/stock market listing.
  35. Developing a valuation model post-IPO.
  36. Developing clawback and lock-in strategy for group sustainability.
  37. Post IPO business plan.
  38. Helping to appoint Nomad & Brokers.
  39. Assisting all companies to best prepare a 3-year accountancy audit.
  40. Ensuring all companies have completed financial and legal due diligence for IPO.
  41. Developing business and succession plans for each merged company.
  42. Nurturing non merger entrants for future entry.
  43. Support in all ongoing M&A activity.
  44. Non executive board support.


How much does it cost to become an OMMG licensee?

To license an OMMM, you need to pay a down payment between £2-5m. Whilst not a cost, OMMG will also take approx. 10-15% of the new company shares.


What is the ongoing costs of an OMMG licensee?

Approx 1% of annual profit after tax (PAT). So if a company generates £30m annual PAT then it would pay £300k to OMMG.


What is the difference between an OMMG licensee and an OMMG investor?

An OMMG licensee is buying a license to operate an OMMM. An OMMG investor becomes a shareholder in OMMG which plans to hold shares in all future OMMMs.


How do I become an OMMG investor?

Please contact OMMG. You can invest as little as £25,000 and a maximum of £5,000,000. OMMG do not offer any financial advice.


What is the maximum number/value of shares that I can buy?

£5,000,000 is the maximum.


Why is the OMMM so special?

No one on earth has ever merged 122-accountancy companies overnight nor has anyone merged 200+ pharmacies overnight. OMMG have the trade secrets and ability to achieve ongoing planned ‘overnight multiple mergers’.


How do OMMG licensees benefit from their license?

  1. Rapid market share.
  2. Cost effective build of a major business.
  3. Substantial profitable business from day 1 of the consolidation.
  4. A business strategy to help the business grow exponentially over time.
  5. Major ongoing economies.
  6. Ability to list the company on a major stock exchange.


Can OMMG be copied and replicated?

Try merging 122-companies overnight! 🙂


What industries can OMMG license the model in?

Almost all industries can be explored for an OMMM. However, the next 5 planned are shown below:

  1. Legal Practice
  2. Dental Practice
  3. Nursing home
  4. Optician
  5. Veterinary Practice


What jurisdictions can the OMMG licensees operate within?

Currently in UK and Ireland but the OMMG plans to license its OMMM strategy in the Far East, Middle East, Africa, Europe and America regions.


What are the immediate benefits of an OMMM?

Overnight built business competing with market leaders!


Why is the OMMM more effective than other business models?

  1. Instant market share and major industry position.
  2. Instant profit on consolidation.
  3. Instant ability to achieve cost efficiencies, economies and pooling of knowledge/specialism/expertise etc, across a large number of proposed equity directors.
  4. Attractive to other investors.
  5. Ability to pay high dividends.
  6. Low risk strategy.


Where does OMMG wish to be in 5 years time?


"While the rest of the world looks on, the OMMG is building five more models which will take their industries by storm. Speed, and diligence, are at the heart of everything we do."
Waseem Yasin
OMMG Director

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