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Overnight Merger Model Founder

Since 2008 FEISAL has been regarded as one of the UK’s leading business strategists. He has dedicated his working life in assisting accountants in practice to help tens of thousands of their clients improve both their wealth and their lifestyles.

From council estate roots and working from his bedroom in a shared house, he set up the largest network of professionals of its type worldwide and built several businesses with annual multi-million pound profits. Over 700 professional brands have aligned themselves with FEISAL over the past 18 years.

Many have given FEISAL glowing endorsements for the results he creates and the integrity he breathes. Known for his academic excellence and for being one of the UK’s leading thinkers in his field, FEISAL has lead change in professional service industries such as accountancy. Some of the world’s best businessmen have aligned with FEISAL. Dr Stephen Covey is an example. He wrote arguably the best business book of all time, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. Dr Stephen Covey enjoyed FEISAL’s strategic thinking and motivational ability.

They worked together on stage in front of sold out London audiences. FEISAL has also worked on stage with current and former BBC Dragons Theo Paphitis and James Caan. FEISAL was involved with the launch of an entrepreneur degree at Huddersfield University which he and Paphitis announced at press conferences. FEISAL works beyond accountants. He has presented strategic ideas and unconventional business concepts to over 100,000 UK-based business individuals.

His specialist areas include profit development, strategic development, business-modelling, strategic marketing, wealth management, business consultancy and entrepreneurial ability. FEISAL founded Xeinadin Group in 2018. Within 2 years, he consolidated a world record 122 UK and Ireland accountancy firms in an overnight merger, creating the 7th largest Irish accountancy group in history and 6th largest UK accountancy group (outside the ‘Top 6’) of its type. Many acquisitions were made based on specialisms and expertise per office with an intent of mass internal referral, creating maximum profitability for the group.

Similarly to Xeinadin Group, FEISAL founded Alitam Group in November 2019. Within a year, he had built a world-class ‘Pharmacy of the Future’ concept and engaged over 200 UK & Ireland pharmacies to consolidate in his overnight merger model. The business is set to become a top 5 in the pharmacy industry. He has engaged some industry leaders to be part of his executive team whilst Sir Ken Olisa OBE, the Lord Lieutenant of London and ‘right hand man of the Queen and Royal family’, acts as the group’s Chairman. FEISAL believes his vision can compete with both Boots and Lloyds. The company aspires to an AIM London Stock Exchange listing in 2021 and FTSE listing by 2024.

FEISAL is renowned for industry disruption in not just one but now two industries. He has created leading companies in both industries as a result of his ‘Firm of the Future’ concept. He creates a mass following in both industries for his mass vision and the trust he creates when operating with him. It has been said you would become more profitable to work with him than to watch his work make returns for others.

“The most prudent way to look into the future is to build it yourself.”


Alitam Group & Xeinadin Group Founder

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