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What is an overnight multiple merger?

A number of profitable companies merging together at the same time.

Benefits of joining an OMMM?

  1. You keep your business.
  2. You can sell up to half of your business for up to 4 times the value. OMMM has major investor attraction.
  3. You benefit from pooled resources, pooled knowledge/expertise, pooled specialisms, etc.
  4. You can reduce costs further to enhance your profits and value.
  5. Plan for future succession.
  6. Keep your brand name but benefit from group brand and additional sales.
  7. Competitive salaries and high dividend policy.
  8. New stream of products and services.
  9. Becoming part of a large powerful movement yet keeping localised culture and values.
  10. Supported by an exceptional executive management team.
  11. Ability to float your company on a leading stock market to potentially achieve greater values.
  12. Ability to make more sales through internal referrals.
  13. Diversification strategy.
  14. Allowing your team members to have shared ownership (nextgen strategy).
  15. Being part of a community of like-minded directors.

Why merge rather than sell?

  1. All of the benefits named above.
  2. Release up to 50% equity for a higher planned value.
  3. More ongoing profitable opportunity and higher planned returns.
  4. Keep running your business and feeling in control.
  5. Best of both worlds – release equity but continue running your business.

Mergers available

  1. Pharmacy – you can join Alitam in Q3 2021. Entry is closed until then.
  2. Nursing Home – you can join the Merios merger from Q4 2021.
  3. Veterinary – you can join the Siralick merger from Q4 2021.
  4. Dental – you can join from Q1 2022.
  5. Opticians – you can join from Q1 2022.

Costs to join a merger

  • One-off costs start from around £5k but economies of scale and cost efficiencies are planned to exceed this.
  • Each overnight multiple merger model will differ.
  • The fees contribute to each OMMM solvency plan in year 1.
  • You will receive a lot of support/service to integrate into the model.

You can quadruple your business value by joining an overnight multiple merger model. Let us show you how…”

"The word consolidation usually refers to the bringing together of ideas, thoughts and entities. In the case of OMMG, this means the combining of an innovative and unique approach to business, which delivers significant synergies and can achieve the unthinkable for its stakeholders, the wider public and the economy as a whole. The OMMG mantra is to deliver the unimaginable!"
Mukesh Pandit
OMMG Director

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