Private equity set to invest £5billion in OMMMs following Exponent investment in Xeinadin

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Following extensive media coverage in recent weeks of the highly lucrative private equity sale to Exponent of the world’s first Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM), Xeinadin, OMMM creator Feisal Nahaboo is now reporting huge levels of interest in his unique business model—with a forecast of £5bn investment based on the number of planned OMMMs and the level of interest shown by leading large private equity firms to date.

But why is the OMMM so revolutionary in the field of mergers & acquisitions (M&A), and what benefits does it have compared to traditional merger models? In this exclusive article, we find out more about the OMMM and why it has been dubbed a ‘corporate miracle’ for good reason.

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Xeinadin Group Multiple Merger

(Now sold: Exponent has now invested in Xeinadin)

122 Accountancy Company Merger:
Xeinadin Launches Professional Services Consolidator In UK & Ireland (world-record overnight multiple merger)

Alitam Group Multiple Merger

(Seeking investment from Private Equity/Private Investors)

200+ Pharmacy Merger:
Alitam Group Plans a World Record Pharmacy Consolidation In UK & Ireland

Merios Group Multiple Merger

(License Now Available!)

50+ Nursing Home Merger:
OMMG are now accepting offers to license a substantial ‘overnight multiple Nursing Home’.

Expected offers:
Down payment £3-5m + 10% OMMG share ownership

Unprecedented Group Multiple Merger

(License Now Available!)

100+ Dental Practice Merger:
OMMG are now accepting offers to license a substantial ‘overnight multiple Dental Practice merger’.

Expected offers:
Down payment £3-5m + 10% OMMG share ownership

Ntelligent Group Multiple Merger

(Proposed License)

50+ Planned Legal Office Merger:
Ntelligent Group set to launch legal consolidator In UK & Ireland. Trademark purchased.

Substantial undisclosed offer for UK legal license.

Feyes Group Multiple Merger

(License now available!)

50+ Planned Legal Office Merger:
Feyes Group set to launch Optician consolidator In UK & Ireland.

Expected offers:
Down payment £3-5m + 10-15% OMMG share ownership

Substantial undisclosed offer for UK legal license.

Ntegrity Group Multiple Merger

(License now available!)

50+ Planned Financial Advisory & Corporate Finance Merger:
Ntegrity Group set to launch Optician consolidator In UK & Ireland. Trademark purchased.

Expected offers:
Down payment £3-5m + 10% OMMG share ownership

Siralick Group Multiple Merger

(License now available!)

100+ Planned Veterinary Merger:

Siralick Group set to launch first Veterinary consolidator In UK and Ireland.

Expected offers:
Down payment £3-5m + 10% OMMG share ownership

In the press

Former Avicenna group executive director joins pharmacy chain Alitam

Chemist and Druggist
1st Mar 2022


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Featured Merger

Alitam Group
‘The Pharmacy Of The Future’

"The OMM models are great enablers. By investing in innovation and raw talent, each OMM model allows individual operators to achieve their greatest ambitions"
Arnold Wylie
OMMG Financial Director

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‘Overnight Multiple Merger Group (OMMG)’ launches the ‘leading business model of the future.’

The OMM Group has officially launched the ‘new overnight multiple merger model’. Whilst the model has been successfully operating for almost 2 years, the company has officially made the model available for licensing across all industries and across all countries worldwide. The principle of the model is to simultaneously merge a substantial number of successful and profitable companies operating within the same industry. The OMM Group will now work with extremely ambitious entrepreneurs who wish to build an immediate ‘corporate giant’ at low cost, maximum speed and with substantial profit and value. The cost of ambitious entrepreneurs licensing the model ranges between £10m and £50m, and can be funded through a smaller upfront payment. The balance can be paid with the incremental value created by the model.

Traditionally, merging two companies can be extremely challenging as both sets of management teams need to agree on several business principles, objectives, values, and ongoing business strategy. The ability to merge over 100 companies overnight has been described as a corporate miracle, something no human has ever achieved or probably attempted. The first miracle existed with the formulation of the Xeinadin Group, a 122-accountancy firm overnight merger. Whilst the planning of the merger took over one year, the execution of the model took place overnight on 31st May 2020. The official Xeinadin consolidation on 1st June 2020 became the largest of its type in world history. Over 200 equity accountancy directors were involved with the substantial transaction, with all agreeing to a shared vision, shared business strategy and timeline. Many believed the miracle was a one-off, yet founder Feisal Nahaboo repeated the ‘Overnight Multiple Merger Model’ in pharmacy with approximately 200 UK and Ireland pharmacies merging overnight. Both models were built discreetly with competitors unable to see the speed or intensity of both models new emerging market rival. Both models consolidated within 18 months of each other, creating two potential leading businesses in their respective industries.

The overnight multiple merger model is incredibly unique. It aims to headhunt successful and highly profitable businesses and amalgamates them collectively into one group. Each merger model is built with no planned debt. This is extremely rare and unusual, but makes the business more robust and attractive to third party investment, including worldwide market listings. Each OMM model is built to be extremely credible, with highly skilled and qualified operators running each of its locations. By example, Xeinadin is a Chartered Accountancy business with hundreds of qualified personnel. It is regulated by ICAEW. Alitam is a pharmacy business. Alitam is also highly regulated with the business employing a significant number of superintendents.

The OMM Group has carefully systematised the entire implementation process of the model enabling licensing to be most effective. The model is impossible to replicate without inside knowledge, creating enormous value in its licensing ability and major competitive advantage for those who license the model through OMM Group. The Group founder Feisal said: “We’ve created not just one, but two successful operations now. We have the knowledge and experience of launching both models. The OMM works fantastically well. We needed less than a handful of staff to build and deliver two major movements in two respectable industries in accountancy and pharmacy.

Both were built in an incredibly challenging 2020 period. We can help build substantial businesses fast with low cost whilst creating enormous top end values. This is a new futuristic business model and on launch we expect a substantial number of enquiries on licensing our business strategy and business model. Entrepreneurs can negotiate terms for a license. Down payment will be a seven-figure sum and in return, we aim to create £200m+ of additional value within 12-24 months of signing and substantially more thereafter.”


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OMMG Limited

* OMMG Press Release
April 27, 2022

How ADHD helped successful entrepreneur Feisal Nahaboo turn a start up into a market leader in 256 working days

Entrepreneur Feisal Nahaboo has just revealed that he is neurodivergent, having recently been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). On reflection, he now sees that his condition is to…
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March 28, 2022

Deep Recession On Its Way: Entrepreneur Feisal Nahaboo Shares Seven Ways For You To Act Now And Recession-Proof Your Business

Proven entrepreneur Feisal Nahaboo, founder and CEO of pioneering pharmacy group Alitam and creator of the revolutionary Overnight Multiple Merger Model’ (OMMM), warns that the UK is heading towards a…
* OMMG Press Release
March 23, 2022

OMMG Founder Feisal Nahaboo tipped by pharmacy leaders to lead radical change in the industry

The name on everyone’s lips, in the pharmacy worlds and beyond, is UK business visionary and OMMG Founder Feisal Nahaboo. Already renowned for his game-changing business model, the ‘Overnight Multiple…
* OMMG Press Release
March 23, 2022

OMMG Founder Feisal Nahaboo appoints former Well Pharmacy Head of Operations Alice Hare to the Alitam Board

Signalling a significant acceleration of activity for the visionary pharmacy group Alitam, (Feisal Nahaboo’s second Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM) through his Overnight Multiple Merger Group (OMMG), Nahaboo has today…
* OMMG Press Release
March 18, 2022

OMMG Founder reports 24% organic growth in Alitam pharmacy sales

OMMG Founder, Feisal Nahaboo, has revealed that his pioneering 100+ store pharmacy group Alitam, his second Overnight Multiple Merger, has increased turnover by 24% since inception in late 2019. All…
* OMMG Press Release
March 18, 2022

OMMG Founder reveals Alitam ‘dream executive team’ as he prepares for major investment

Feisal Nahaboo the OMMG Founder, and Founder and CEO of the second Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM) Alitam, has masterminded an ambitious recruitment drive to build an Executive Board of…
"We breed market leaders by pulling together the finest operators in their field. Each model is designed to ensure all entrants in the consolidation culturally fit."
Bob Stebbings
OMMG Chairman



Founder of the Overnight Multiple Merger Model

Since 2008 FEISAL has been regarded as one of the UK’s leading business strategists.

Why does the OMM win?

Overnight Multiple Merger v Franchise Prototype

10 reasons why FEISAL’s ‘Overnight Multiple Merger Model’ is more effective than the traditional Franchise Prototype Model



Bob Stebbings

Xeinadin Group Accountant

Feisal challenges our profession to break the traditional mould and approach the way we work in a totally different way.”


Xeinadin Group Accountant

I am aware of hundreds of accountants who follow his work religiously.”


Xeinadin Group Accountant

Within 45 minutes he had completely changed my future.”


Xeinadin Group Accountant

As soon as I met him I was bowled over by the fact that he could provide the solution that I had been searching for over the last decade or more.”

"I'm extremely excited to play my part in helping such a unique and exciting venture that is OMMG. A real paradigm shift to corporate dynamics and a privilege to be a part of."
Nigel Payne
OMMG Non Executive

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